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Preparation Materials

Program Admission

The Program Admission assessment consists of three subtests; a combined version of the tests is also offered.

  • Test I – Reading (200)
  • Test II – Mathematics (201)
  • Test III – Writing (202)
  • Combined Test I, II, and III (700)

Test Preparation

The test preparation materials below are the only GACE® study materials endorsed by the GaPSC. Other preparation materials may not accurately reflect the content of the assessment or the policies and procedures of the GACE program.

Study Companions

This free download is designed to familiarize you with the content material to be tested, test question formats, and pertinent study resources for this assessment.

Test at a Glance

This preparation resource gives you a quick overview of the assessment and includes:

  • Assessment name
  • Grade level
  • Test code(s)
  • Testing time
  • Test duration
  • Number and types of questions
  • Subareas and approximate percentage of the test
  • Test objectives

Program Admission Test at a Glance

Interactive Practice Tests

Use the Interactive Practice Tests (IPTs) to prepare for the Program Admission assessment. Each practice test allows you to answer one set of test questions to simulate what you will experience on the day of the test. It is approximately the same length as the actual test; however, the questions in the IPT are sample questions and do not appear on the actual test. After you complete the practice test, you can see if you answered the selected-response questions correctly or incorrectly and get explanations for the correct answers. Feedback is not provided for the constructed-response questions.

A practice test for each subtest in the Program Admission assessment is available for purchase through the ETS Store at $18 per subscription. Note: There are two versions of the interactive practice test available for each test title. Within each version is one set of test questions that you can answer to simulate what you will experience on the actual day of the test. The same questions are presented in the same order within each version of the practice test. Retaking or repurchasing the same version more than once does not give you different practice questions or change the order in which the questions are delivered.

Support Videos and Exercises for Test II Mathematics

The GACE program has identified videos and exercises that may be useful to support your preparation for Program Admission Assessment – Test II Mathematics (201). Note that while these materials may be helpful, they are not officially endorsed by the GACE program.

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