Scores Overview

How Tests Are Scored

All GACE® test results with the exception of the Assessment of Sign Communication-American Sign Language (ASC-ASL) are reported as scaled scores on a scale of 100 to 300. The ASC-ASL is assigned ratings of 1 to 5. Selected-response sections are scored once at the test center, transmitted electronically, and then verified at ETS before being reported. Each constructed response is scored by trained, supervised raters who follow strict scoring procedures.

See information about how the Educator Ethics, Paraprofessional, and Teacher Leadership assessments are scored.

Receiving Candidates' Scores

GACE test scores are reported to the candidate, the GaPSC, and any score recipients designated by the candidate. Learn more about score reporting and ETS’s policy on the release of test scores.

Interpreting Scores

Learn how to interpret scores, from what a candidate’s score means to what's considered a passing score.


Help Develop GACE Assessments

Georgia educators and faculty members are needed to help develop new content and leadership assessments for GACE.
Learn More about how you can help develop GACE assessments.