Cancellation of Scores by ETS and the GaPSC

ETS takes reasonable security precautions in developing and administering GACE® assessments and processing test scores with a view to ensuring that no test taker has an unfair advantage over other test takers. Accordingly, the GaPSC reserves the right to withhold and ultimately cancel your scores due to misconduct and/or if they deem there is reason to question your scores' validity or legitimacy (including, but not limited to, a violation of the rules set forth in the current Registration Bulletin, including the Rules of Test Participation for Teacher Leadership).

In such cases, ETS will notify relevant parties of the GaPSC's decision. Further action may be taken, including denying, revoking, and/or suspending a teaching credential or certificate. Other actions may be taken as deemed appropriate by the GaPSC and/or ETS.

Essay Similarity Detection

Each entry in your GACE Teacher Leadership portfolio, whether submitted during the original submission window or during the resubmission window, must be entirely your work. Software is utilized to scan all written commentary for overlap with previous submissions, with another test taker's submissions or published sources. If such overlap is detected, a review by the ETS Office of Testing Integrity (OTI) will be initiated. If your task response is the subject of a review, the following steps will occur:

  • Your scores will be placed on hold.
  • You will be informed that your task response is under review, and you will be provided the opportunity to submit additional information to OTI to support your case and address ETS’s concerns.
  • Members of ETS's Board of Review will independently review all materials and provide an independent assessment of the case to decide if there is substantial evidence to support the recommendation of cancellation of your scores.
  • If one or more of the members of the Board of Review conclude that your scores should be released, the hold on your scores will be removed and you will be able to view your score report online.
  • If the Board of Review arrives at a unanimous consensus that there is substantial evidence to support cancellation of your scores, ETS will inform the GaPSC of the Board of Review's recommendation to cancel your scores. Based on the information ETS provides, GaPSC will review your case and make the final decision on the cancellation of your scores.
  • If there is substantial evidence to support cancellation of your scores, this may be a violation of the GaPSC's Code of Ethics for Educators and may constitute sufficient grounds to take action against, revoke, suspend and/or deny a certificate and constitute grounds for legal action.
  • ETS will contact you upon receiving a decision on your case from GaPSC.

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