Prepare for the GACE® Teacher Leadership Assessment

Changes to Test Format

The format of the GACE® Teacher Leadership assessment has been revised so that each task is broken down into three steps. The activities, the guiding prompts, and the rubrics in the Revised Format did not change; they are the same as they were in the Original Format.

Whether you will take the test in the Revised Format with Steps (Test Code 313) or the Original Format (Test Code 303) will depend on the submission window for which you registered. Additionally, to support each format, there are now two different versions of the preparation materials for Tasks and Rubrics.

See the information below to determine which format of the test you will take, and which Tasks and Rubrics materials to review.

  • All first-time candidates: Revised Format with Steps
  • Candidates resubmitting for Fall 2018: Original Format
  • Candidates resubmitting for Spring 2019 or later: Revised Format with Steps

Getting Started

Read these important steps for successfully getting started with the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment.

Writing Guidelines

Find helpful tips to keep in mind while completing the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment.

Collecting Artifacts

Learn more about how to successfully collect and submit artifacts for the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment.

Library of Examples

See a collection of actual written responses submitted by GACE Teacher Leadership candidates.

Candidate Handbook

The GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment Candidate Handbook is a free download that includes an overview of the assessment and instructions for completing the tasks. Download and use this document when completing tasks.

If you are a first-time candidate, or are testing in Spring 2019 or later:

If you are resubmitting for Fall 2018:


Find resources to help you learn about, prepare for, and take the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment. The GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment Candidate Handbook, Georgia Teacher Leadership Program Standards, glossary of terms, and the required forms needed to take the assessment are all available for download on this page.


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