Resources for the GACE® Teacher Leadership Assessment

Changes to Test Format

The format of the GACE® Teacher Leadership assessment has been revised so that each task is broken down into three steps. The activities, the guiding prompts, and the rubrics did not change; they are the same as they were in the Original Format.

Whether you will take the test in the Revised Format with Steps (Test Code 313) or the Original Format (Test Code 303) will depend on the submission window for which you registered.

See the information below to determine which format of the test you will take, and which resources apply.

  • All first-time candidates: Revised Format with Steps
  • Candidates resubmitting for Fall 2018: Original Format
  • Candidates resubmitting for Spring 2019 or later: Revised Format with Steps

The following resources will help you learn about, prepare for, and take the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment.

GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment Candidate Handbook

The GACE Teacher Leadership Assessment Candidate Handbook is a free download that includes an overview of the assessment and instructions for completing tasks. The handbook is updated from time to time, so always check the "last updated" date on the cover to be sure you have the latest version.


A list of common terms you should know before beginning your Teacher Leadership assessment is included in the Glossary.

Permission Forms

You must get permission for the use of all materials or feedback (e.g., written observations, emails, letters, documents) you submit as artifacts that are not created solely by you. The required permission forms are listed below. After you have obtained the appropriate permissions, you must upload electronic copies of the forms to the online submission system.

Task 4 Standardized Reflection Form

Graphic Representation of the Six Tasks


Revised Format with Steps

Original Format


Each task in the assessment is scored based on a 4-point rubric that delegates scores based on how well you encompassed all of the required Georgia Teacher Leadership Standards in your submission.

Revised Format with Steps

Original Format

Teacher Leadership Registration Quick-Reference Guide

The GACE Teacher Leadership Registration Quick-Reference Guide provides detailed instructions for registering for the Teacher Leadership assessment.

Teacher Leadership Submission System User Manual

The GACE Teacher Leadership Submission System User Manual contains step-by-step instructions with related screen shots to guide you through the submission system process.

Teacher Leadership Library of Examples

The Library of Examples is a collection of actual responses submitted by GACE Teacher Leadership candidates.

Registration Bulletin

The Registration Bulletin is a free publication for test takers that contains program policies, tests offered, test dates, registration information, fees, score reporting information, and more.

Teacher Leadership Standards

The Georgia Teacher Leadership Program Standards outline the requirements for each task included in the GACE Teacher Leadership assessment.


GACE Teacher Leadership Webinar (Original Format Only)

This webinar gives an overview of the Original Format of the assessment, informs participants about the tasks and their requirements, available test preparation resources, registration, important dates, scoring, and score reporting.

Deep Dive into Tasks 1 through 6

This webinar helps test takers better understand the focus of the tasks, the main components of the tasks, and evidence needed to successfully create responses.


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