Georgia Educator Ethics Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions About the Georgia Ethics Assessments

What are the Georgia Ethics assessments?

The Georgia Ethics assessments are a training and assessment program composed of a series of modules that combine instruction and testing. They are comprised of two assessments:

  • the Georgia Educator Ethics assessment
  • the Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership assessment

The goal of each assessment is to help teachers and educational leaders become familiar with, understand, and apply the Georgia Code of Ethics for Educators, as well as comprehend and embrace the principles of ethical decision making in an educational context.

What is the format and length of each assessment?

Each Georgia Ethics assessment is offered at two levels: Program Entry and Program Exit. Each level consists of seven interactive modules that instruct through video, gaming, and self-guided learning. Five of the modules include an end-of-module test with immediate feedback. The Program Exit level also includes an end-of-course, or summative test.

Each module is designed to take no more than 30 minutes to complete; however, candidates may take as much time as they like.

See more information about the assessments.

How is the Program Exit level different from the Program Entry level?

While much of the learning content is the same, the Program Exit level has different questions in the end-of-module tests, building upon the Program Entry level of the assessment. Additionally, Program Exit candidates must complete and pass an end-of-course, or summative, test that includes questions related to the topics covered in all of the modules.

Will candidates have to take both levels of the assessment to achieve certification?

Yes, with one exception. Candidates who have completed a state-approved educator preparation program by December 31, 2014, are exempt from passing the Georgia Ethics assessments if all certification application materials were received by the GaPSC’s Certification Division by March 1, 2015.

If a candidate is entering a state-approved traditional or nontraditional educator preparation program for an initial teaching field and is taking Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Entry (350) (for teacher candidates) or Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership – Program Entry (370) (for educational leaders) to receive credit toward program admission, they must also pass Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Exit (360) or Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership – Program Exit (380) prior to program completion to achieve certification.

How are the assessments given?

The Georgia Ethics assessment are computer delivered via the web-based Georgia Ethics assessment system. Candidates may take this assessment with their computer or tablet from home, or anywhere they have Internet access, by logging into the secure web service and completing the modules online.

When are they offered?

There are no specific testing dates or testing windows for these assessments. They can be taken at any time after eligibility has been granted. As a program provider, you may be able to advise your candidates about when they are ready to take the assessments.

How much do they cost?
Test Fee
Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Entry (350) $30
Georgia Educator Ethics – Program Exit (360) $30
Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership – Program Entry (370) $40
Georgia Ethics for Educational Leadership – Program Exit (380) $40

All Georgia Ethics test fees are nonrefundable.

Note: Program Exit candidates have five attempts to pass each end-of-module test. If passing status is not achieved by the fifth attempt, their access to the Georgia Ethics assessment system will be revoked. To regain access, they will need to pay another test fee.

Where do candidates take the assessments?

Candidates can take the assessments with their home computer or tablet anywhere they have Internet access. The assessments are delivered via the Georgia Ethics assessment system. After candidates complete or update their MyPSC account on the GaPSC website and enter their reason for testing, their eligibility will be confirmed, and they will receive an email giving them access to this system.

How do candidates register?

After candidates create or update their MyPSC account and indicate their reason for testing on the GaPSC website, their profile and eligibility information will be sent to ETS. ETS will then send the candidate an email that includes a link to the Georgia Ethics assessment system where they can register to take the assessment.

What test preparation is available?

See available resources and tips for test takers.

Can test takers see their scores?

Test takers can view their scores after each end-of-module test and under "My History" in their Georgia Ethics assessment system accounts. Scores will be available under "My History" for 30 days after completion of the assessment.

How do test takers know if they passed?

The Program Entry level of the assessments is reported as "Completed" or “Not Completed." Although test takers do not receive a score, they must complete all training modules and all end-of-module tests to receive credit toward program admission. The Program Exit level is reported as "Passed" or "Not Passed."

Once they have successfully completed or passed the assessment, they will be able to print a certificate that indicates their status.

For more information, see Scores.

How do candidates send scores to their program providers?

If candidates are taking the Program Entry level of the assessments, they must add their program provider as a score recipient or the program provider will not receive notice that they have completed the assessment.

Scores for candidates taking the Program Exit level of the assessments will automatically be sent to their program provider. They do not need to add their program provider as a score recipient.